Battle Buddy Initiative

The Battle Buddy Initiative is to purchase vehicles and 5th wheels that will allow us to use them as Mobile Veterans Service Offices. Mobile Veteran Service Offices (VSO) are self-contained mobile units that travel throughout the United States providing professional assistance to both veterans and their families by helping them to receive the benefits they have earned through their military service. These units will be able to go into areas where veterans are locally and, in many cases, where homeless veterans are camping and unable to get the assistance they desperately need.

Each VSO unit is comprised of a Ford F-450 fifth wheel with a 45 foot specially modified and equipped motor home trailer. Two specially trained veterans will operate and man the VSO’s for a period of 4 weeks then rotate to a new 2-man team keeping the VSO on the road 24/7.

The fifth wheel trailer will provide sleeping/living quarters for the two-man team while on active service duty. The trailer will also be a mobile office, distribution center for local, state, and national VA material and a meeting area providing professional assistance to the local veteran population. These spaces will provide a safe environment for any veteran to speak to the VSO Team about veteran benefits, learn about job initiatives, and programs, or simply get a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket.

Mobile Veterans Services Offices (MVSO’s) will aid with veterans receiving benefits and disaster response.

The Meaning of The Logo

The very stability of the world’s great democracies, financial institutions, and freedom rests on the shoulders of the US military and its partners through organizations such as the United Nations and NATO. The world in our emblem represents the responsibility placed upon the backs of American soldiers. The six organizations primarily tasked by the US military are represented by the six medallions. The pyramid represents the four core values expressed in the oath of service, duty, honor, service, and discipline.

In turn for your generous one-time contribution of just $100 or a full year of monthly donations equaling $120 ($10 a month for 12 months) you will receive one of these beautiful Battle Buddy medallions. For just the price of two cups of coffeehouse coffee every month you can help save the life of a veteran who needs your help so badly. Click on the image of the medallion or any donate link to become a Battle Buddy.

Thank you!