Global Disaster Rapid Response Team

Military veterans are specifically trained in disaster response, with skills in communications, medical services, and logistics.

Our Global Disaster Rapid Response Teams (GDRRT) will provide the world’s first coordinated effort for disaster relief. Whether responding to natural or man-made disasters, the initiative will rely on civilians with military experience to provide much needed aid. Veterans will work in cooperation with the United Nations, the World Bank International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The GDRRT will provide the skill and manpower required, but so often lacking, in disaster response.

In addition, each Mobile Veteran Service Officer unit will be designed for utilization as a staging area for FEMA, the American Red Cross and insurance companies during natural disasters

VSOs will be able to deploy within 24 hours of any disaster, in any location to act as a mobile emergency command center in cooperation with FEMA and the American Red Cross. The Heavy-Duty Truck will provide transportation and delivery of equipment and emergency personnel into the heart of any disaster. From this command center Battle Proven Foundation, in coordination with FEMA, will be able to manage personnel and volunteers on the ground. The trailer will be equipped with solar panels, generators, emergency equipment, first aide, chain saws, axes, shovels, computers, and satellite communication equipment for direct communication capabilities with FEMA and other first response units on the ground. VSO teams will be able to direct and mobilize our volunteers in consort with any disaster relief efforts. Veterans Service Officer (VSO) teams will consist of VA trained veteran service officers from every local jurisdiction. Paid training courses will conform to FEMA online and in class protocols with additional courses or certifications by the American Red Cross.